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Before our puppies go to new homes

We microchip all of our puppies. We vaccinate, at six weeks and nine weeks, with Intervet Progard 5 (includes Canine Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, Para influenza, Parvovirus; does not include Coronavirus.) We do not give any kind of heartworm medication.

They are groom-trained, i.e. bathed, dried with a blow dryer, brushed, clipped with electric clippers, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and hair removed, several times from four weeks on. Your puppy will be freshly groomed when it's time to pick him/her up.

When you pick your puppy up

You will receive a small bag of Timberwolf Lamb & Apple puppy food (visit their website at along with other samples of good quality foods, a basket full of goodies, a pillow that the litter has slept and played on and a binder with health test results and lots of information about raising your new poodle puppy.

Expect to stay several hours when picking up your puppy so we can sign the contract and go through the binder, which takes up most of the time. We will also want to take some pictures of you with your new addition.