Day Care

For all of our local puppies and adult dogs, we offer day care facilities. We are very flexible with times. We will work with you for drop off and pick up. You can supply snacks or we can. We will not be responsible for toys and other items brought to play with but you are more than welcome to bring whatever your dog likes.

Boarding Camp

Boarding camp for one night or one month is available. Price depends on how many dogs, size of dog(s), length of stay and individual special needs. We are out in the country and guarantee your pet will love it here. We have five poodles to play with - and sometimes puppies as long as all get along or we can separate the ones that are temperamental. Again, we are extremely flexible with arrangements pick up and delivery and in some cases we can help with transportation. You can supply your food or we can supply food for you. We will not be responsible for the toys and other equipment (such as doggy bed) but you are welcome to bring whatever you feel comfortable with.


We can groom your poodle. We will also wash and dry other types of dogs, and do the regular upkeep as in clipping nails and cleaning ears. We will wash and dry your pet at the end of your boarding stay if requested for a special rate with boarding.